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  1. Walter Gahadza signs with Bellator MMA
  2. Walter Gahadza set to compete in submission only match at UWC Nations Collide March 25.03.17

UWC Fighters

UWC Fighters

Tom MabandlaUWC Fighters
Rameau SokodjouUWC Fighters
Luke BarnattUWC Fighters
Danny ScotlandUWC Fighters
Dean StevensUWC Fighters
James ScaifeUWC Fighters
Colin McdiarmaidUWC Fighters
Jack YatesUWC Fighters
Arjon SkenderbeuUWC Fighters
Dan WarrenUWC Fighters
Jonny JacobsonUWC Fighters
Nil HenrikUWC Fighters
Ilana RosierUWC Fighters
Wendy BanksUWC Fighters
Andy ConaUWC Fighters
Lukaz AmbroziakUWC Fighters
Nikita RanchevUWC Fighters
Mitchell HeadUWC Fighters
Lewis ChildsUWC Fighters
Alex HornUWC Fighters
Cameron StewartUWC Fighters
Michael GarveyUWC Fighters
Rebeca PerezUWC Fighters
Paula DonnollyUWC Fighters
Linas MistaviciousUWC Fighters
Ross PalmerUWC Fighters
Jonathan Sit NeungtrakanUWC Fighters
Louis NicholsonUWC Fighters
Brad HeadUWC Fighters
Wayne ReeganUWC Fighters
John Chopper StoneUWC Fighters
BjornUWC Fighters
Darren Powerhouse TowlerUWC Fighters
Andreas LaggardUWC Fighters
Stav Crazy Bear EconomuUWC Fighters
Stuart MorganUWC Fighters
Jack YeatesUWC Fighters
Radoslaw DziabkowskiUWC Fighters
Toby Foster-TaylorUWC Fighters
Tomaz CzerwinskiUWC Fighters
Rhys NunnUWC Fighters
Kendall GroveStraight Rootless Fight Team
John LinekerAmerican Top Team / Ocs Jiu-Jitsu
Walter GahadzaTeam TSG
Mike HalesUWC Fighters
Alexander ShlemenkoRus Fighters Sports Club


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